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Distribution, in the state of California, means the acquisition, sale, and method of conveyance of marijuana and marijuana related products between all parties involved. Effective January 1, 2018, all growers and manufacturers in the state of California must funnel their product through a distributor before it arrives at a dispensary, unless Jerry Browns trailer bill passes as it is written.

This applies to all retail businesses whom plan to sell marijuana or cannabis products, which includes edibles, drinks, flowers, concentrates and all cannabisrelated devices.

There are three acts in the California state Legislatureincluding AB 266, AB 243, and SB 643, which were signed into law in September 2015 by the Governor. Their aim is to create licensing standards, as well as to regulate and monitor all aspects of the cultivation, distribution, transportation, testing,and sales of marijuana in California. In effect, these laws offer a way to regulate the industry with public safety as the number one goal.

These three bills alone are over seventy pages long and can be very confusing to the reader. If you are considering obtaining a cannabis distribution license in California, it is very important that you are familiar with every one of these laws, which can be tricky, especially if reading and understanding pages and pages of legal jargon isn’t really your thing.

This is where Start Your Collective comes in. Our team of knowledgeable and well-seasoned staff are ready to guide you through this entire process to help you figure out everything you need to know to accomplish your goal of obtaining a cannabis license from the state of California.

We will work with you to decide if you will need an MCRSA, Type 11, or AUMA distribution license, or a combination of more than one. Your needs will depend upon your business, where and how it operates, and how you will handle delivery and distribution.

When licenses are awarded, they will be approved at a state level and will need to be renewed annually. There are also different licenses for medical and recreational cannabis. We can help you decide which will work for you and your business model.

In 2015, when these three bills were signed into law, the state Legislature created the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation, or BMCR, which is a division of the Department of Consumer Affairs. The BMCR issues licenses on as as-needed basis and is completely separate from any governance at a city or county level.

Not only will you need to apply to the BMCR for a license, but you also need to work with your local municipality in order to see what additional licenses and fees you will need to pay in order to acquire and maintain your legal licensed status.

There are so many pieces to this puzzle and so many aspects of production and sales. Being that these laws are so new and haven’t all been worked out completely yet, there could be a huge margin of error. Let Start Your Collective walk you through all of these aspects so that you can fit all of those pieces together. We want to get you up and running as quickly and effectively as possible.

We will work with you to find out the best and most effective strategies to make your idea a reality and deliver the appropriate logistical solutions all producers and providers need to maintain a legal and profitable business.

We will show you how to navigate the current and upcoming laws to understand the differences between dispensary and delivery and what that means to your startup. We willhelp you understand and complete all necessary paperwork that should be updated and kept on hand, should you need to provide proof of status to any local or state authorities at any given time.

We can help you find other legitimate medical marijuana producers and providers in California and guide you through the process of creating a legal network of professionals who can work together to create a strong and effective business.

Developing and maintaining your cannabis business is the most important thing to you right now. It is to us as well. Start Your Collective can show you how to get it off the ground and make it successful, one step at a time.

Contact us today. Our team is ready to help you finally achieve your dreams of owning and operating a legal business in the California cannabis industry.