Start A Cannabis Dispensary In California San Diego

Currently banned in all but a handful of cities in California. Dispensary owners face uphill battles with zoning, planning and code enforcement.

We have organized over 500 collectives in California. Proven system, Clients have had state charges dismissed and medicine returned. Fastest Service in California!

Provide flowers, clones, concentrates, tinctures, edibles, drinks, topicals, glassware, dabware in a brick and mortar/storefront walk-in Dispensary.

Local city and county restrictions typically don’t allow for Medical Marijuana storefronts. Give us a call to discuss your area of interest.

Federal pressure on store fronts has seemed to relax since late 2011 and 2012.  A recent budget rider stripped the DEA of all funds for investigations in Medical Marijuana States.

Providing landlord with proper documentation will increase your chances the owner approves your activity.


  • Disclaimer- Startyourcollective.com is not a collective and does not provide actual medical marijuana.  We are a Business consulting service that provides a consulting service only.