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With the eagerly anticipated January 1, 2018 date of the distribution of applications for state licenses like cultivation, dispensary, manufacturing and distribution of marijuana in California, cannabis cultivation is in increasingly high demand. Growers are the backbone of the industry and will finally be afforded the same rights and privileges of other non-marijuana related industries. After years of risking their time, freedom and energy in a highly unregulated market growers will finally have the ability to operate a business without one hand tied behind their back. This is the opportunity for California Cannabis growers to set a good example for the world as well as reap the benefits of what promises to be a multimillion dollar business.

If you are interested in cannabis cultivation on a larger scale in California, whether you want to grow indoors, in a nursery or greenhouse, Start Your Collective can show you how to work within the guidelines and regulations of the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation and Prop. 64 to secure the necessary cultivation licenses you need to become a legal grower in California. We have organized over 800 collectives in the state of California and know what it takes to open and operate a legal cannabis cultivation.

So, why start a collective if you just want to grow cannabis? Home growers who want to cultivate marijuana for personal use are currently allowed to grow an amount consistent with their personal use. While this is a good amount for one person, it is quite possible that starting a collective is the perfect situation for you so that you can achieve your dream of operating a larger-scale cultivation business. Currently, under the California law, medical marijuana patients as well as primary caregivers can choose to operate collectively or cooperatively to cultivate cannabis for medical use and can obtain licenses for growing . While co-ops are clearly defined by California state law and must incorporate for the mutual benefit of all involved, collectives are not. Cooperatives need to be operated by at least 3 people while collectives do not. After years of seeing partnerships go awry, we understand it’s cumbersome to add two parties to the decision making process just for looks. Collectives exist to bring patients and caregivers together and to help with supply and distribution of cannabis related products. There is no limit to the number of members a collective can have, which can work very well in terms of operation and overhead cost. Not all members must participate in cultivation, but each will pay into the collective in some way in order to maintain their membership.


Right now, with the passage of Proposition 64, there are a multitude of rules and regulations involved in legal commercial marijuana cultivation. There are various cultivation license types, as follows:

  • Type 1 = Cultivation; Specialty outdoor; Small
  • Type 1A = Cultivation; Specialty indoor; Small
  • Type 1B = Cultivation; Specialty mixed-light; Small
  • Type 2 = Cultivation; Outdoor; Small
  • Type 2A = Cultivation; Indoor; Small
  • Type 2B = Cultivation; Mixed-light; Small
  • Type 3 = Cultivation; Outdoor; Medium
  • Type 3A = Cultivation; Indoor; Medium
  • Type 3B = Cultivation; Mixed-light; Medium


There are different types of licenses for nurseries, greenhouses, indoor and outdoor operations. There is a difference in permit type between growing flower and clone for distribution. Why spend hours wading through all of the regulatory jargon, figuring out which you need, running the risk of choosing the wrong one, only to be fined by the BMCR or the state of California? Currently, the CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture) is coming up with ways to properly and fairly regulate and distribute marijuana grower’s licenses on a county by county basis. Beginning January 1, 2018, it will be possible to obtain one of these licenses; the most important thing you can do is be prepared.

When the time comes to present the state of California with the necessary paperwork, Start Your Collective will be there to guide you through the application process. After you receive your license to cultivate marijuana legally in the state of California, Start Your Collective will help you navigate the complexities of operating in compliance with these strict new regulations.

We have the tools to get you up and running, quickly, efficiently and lawfully. Let us share our knowledge and know-how with you. Call today for your personalized consultation at no cost so that you can be ready for January 1, 2018.