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 Type 1—Cultivation; Specialty outdoor; Small. Type 1A—Cultivation; Specialty indoor; Small. Type 1B—Cultivation; Specialty mixed-light; Small. Type 1C—Cultivation; Specialty cottage; Small. Type 2—Cultivation; Outdoor; Small. Type 2A—Cultivation; Indoor; Small. Type 2B—Cultivation; Mixed-light; Small. Type 3—Cultivation; Outdoor; Medium. Type 3A—Cultivation; Indoor; Medium. Type 3B—Cultivation; Mixed-light; Medium. Type 4—Cultivation; Nursery. CLONE/Live Plants only Type 5—Cultivation; Outdoor; Large. Type 5A—Cultivation; Indoor; Large. Type 5B—Cultivation; Mixed-light; Large. Type 6—Manufacturer 1. (Non-Volatile Solvents) Type 7—Manufacturer 2. (Volatile Solvents)(Butane,pentane,hexane,ethanol Type 8—Testing laboratory-NOT AVAILABLE from Start Your Collective Type 10—Retailer. (Dispensary and/or Delivery Service) Type 11—Distributor. Type 12—Microbusiness. (Cultivation under 10k sqft, self distribute, Level 1 manufacturer, retailer)

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Start Your Collective, Inc. specializes in organizing compliant Medical Marijuana Collectives in the state of California. whether you would like to operate as a Delivery Service, Cultivator, or store front Dispensary we have you covered.
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