We all have defense mechanisms set up internally  to help protect ourselves from scary things. I do it too, you’re not alone on this denial thing. Some systems, like adrenaline are actually useful to us, surging in times of flight or flight. Some systems are effective in relieving our fear but are not useful to achieving our goals. According to psychologist, denial or cognitive dissonance, is our answer to some difficult problems we face.  From tdhideout’s blog “you may subconsciously suppress or deny your perception in order to avoid the unbearable pain, even though the practical results of ignoring your perception may prove ultimately disastrous“. Denial about the reshaping of California’s cannabis industry will serve no operator well. With the recent passing of MAUCRSA or SB 94 in California, there is no question about it. The collective/cooperative model will cease to exists one year after the first state license is approved and issued. Jan 1, 2019, remember that date if you operate a hands on cannabis business in California. By Jan 2nd, 2019 you will be a criminal. Subject to arrest, seizure, prosecution AND conviction if you are not at least in the application process.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I think the regulations are too extreme. Impossible to comply with no, but burdensome to say the least. Part of me thinks they intentionally complicated this process with the hopes of making us all pack our bags up and say the party is over. Well, I’m not leaving, The party just started. I refuse to be intimidated by hundreds of pages of regulations, city councils, lobbyist or extremely well capitalized business operators hopeful to “takeover” their respective portion of the industry. We built this industry in California and I’ll be damed if we are going to hand it over to anyone. Do we have our issues like any normal dysfunctional family of course, but I do believe that we have the power to keep what is ours. The big question is how do we do it?

How in the face of these new onerous barriers do we overcome? It will be different for everyone, some will be motivated by anger and do all of this compliance work just to spite the people who thought they didn’t have it in them. Some will use fear, fear of doing something else, after years in the Cannabis business it can be hard to imagine where else your skills could be put to use (this is an irrational fear). And there is always good ole greed, some will comply just for a shot to make a killing in an up and coming industry. Whatever your motivation is, find it. Use it every day, not just to operate your business but to make sure you have the capacity to comply with all of these new rules and regulations. And that’s not going to be an easy task. On top of running your life and working on your business full time you are expected now to be a compliance officer? Its a tough task no doubt but essential for survival. And help is out there.

The days of the one man band are over. With so many specialized tasks to complete daily its imperative that you build a good team. Being independent from everyone was great but interdependence is the new kid in town. You will need capital or investors, contractors, employees, attorneys, consultants and CPA’s and possibly a partner or two. And a way to make them all work together toward a common goal. I personally think this will be the hardest part of the transition for smaller businesses owners. Developing the people skills needed to build a team and keep it on track will require patience, compassion and motivation. Good thing I know just happen to know of something that helps with all 3… cough cough CANNABIS!

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Written by Start Your Collective