James Cole is the right hand man to Eric Holder the Attorney General. Cole just released a memo to federal prosecutor’s with specifics on what they expect in order to file federal charges on medical marijuana patients and providers. The list is as follows, paraphrased, of course:

  • Out of state sales.
  • Sales to minors
  • Gang and criminal enterprise involvement
  • Other Drugs present
  • Firearms/violence
  • Drugged driving aka “Clambake
  • Possession/Cultivation/Use on federal property
  • Any proximity to schools or places associated with children

Those stipulations are all no brainers but still they must be said. What does this mean for you? In my opinion is nothing more than a signal of change. One small step in the right direction. Remember, these guys still reserve the right to enforce federal law on any “individual or entity” they so choose. Check out the memo Here.

Written by Start Your Collective