Research your options. My competition in all of their glory. I present you:

The attorney– Turn down your volume now..

The “Kit

The “Book

The “College

The “”””University“””” quotations heavily used.

The “do it yourself

Why post links to my competition? As I’m sure you have figured out I encourage competition, it makes us all better. With that said, we are better. Let me tell you why:

  • Save $$. We can save you thousands on what the attorneys above will charge. Our most affordable package is $$2,399
  • Comprehensive: Protects providers who operate delivery service, dispensary, and/or cultivation.
  • Speed; 24hr corporate approval!! You can be signing up patients in 5-6 business days.
  • Customer service; each client has my cell phone # and is welcome to call,text,email questions incessantly, it’s how you get the most bang for the buck (monday thru friday, of course)
  • Rely on our experience. Over the last 4 years we have organized over 500 collectives in California. I have been in your shoes. Information is hard to find and nobody wants to tell you how to open a MMJ collective. I organized my first collective and have since organized over 500 more. I can make this process painless and enjoyable.

Start Your Collective provides a 90 day compliance review with your collective purchase. Calls, text, emails. Unlimited support for 3 months! Once your collective has been established you will have questions!! And a lot of questions. For example Advertising, credit card processing, company checking account, payroll, hiring employees, employment contract a qualified C.P.A. After organizing 500 collectives we can point you in the right direction with a reputable vendor or accurate information.

Written by Start Your Collective