A client asked a good question today. He asked why is there such varying prices and services when it comes to organizing a collective? My answer: Really you have to break it into 3 options:

1. You do it yourself. Not many people like this option. There are a ton of questions not only about the paperwork but about operations. The state of California can be tough to deal with and it can be nice to have someone take care of the headaches for you. You will spend less money but have to invest more time and energy.

2. Have a attorney organize the collective. Expensive cost and poor customer service tends to be the standard with lawyers. You should get great paperwork but thats about it. Attorney’s are great for discussing the risk involved with operating a collective. Its a great idea to have one on retainer if you are operating a collective. You MUST have a MMJ attorney if you are arrested in the course of this business. But, paying a attorney thousands to organize the business is crazy!!

3. Have a consultant organize the collective. Consultants are not attorneys so the price is much more affordable. Consultants range in price from 500$ to 1500$. Look for someone with a good web presence, reviews, organized many collectives, bonded, secure payment, proven track record and has been organizing collectives for a few years. We know just the guys…

Written by Start Your Collective