Start Your Collective is going to the Cannabis Cup on Feb 7-8 in San Bernardino!! We will not have a booth but will be there both days enjoying all of the activities. I welcome all previous collectives who plan to attend to shoot me a text. I love to meet you guys in person at these things. Looks like dabs will be a big focus at this event so try to pace yourself… Don’t ruin your day in the first 45 minutes (speaking from experience). The Hotel Hightimes recommended was sold out for Saturday the 7th as of writing this post. But I found several close to the event center between $90 and $150 per night. Several expert growers Danny Danko and Nico Escondido will be giving presentations. One forum I’m interested in seeing is the “Don’t piss of your canna-business clientele” presented by Russ Belville. Should be fun for all ages and wages.

Written by Start Your Collective