Wow, there has been a seemingly unstoppable wave of news for California medical marijuana patients and providers in the last 90 days First, the feds investigations are defunded for 22 medical marijuana states. Next a 3 judge appellate court panel overturned the previous conviction of a medical marijuana patient in possession of Hash oil . Just today Smell the Truth a blog for the SF Gate estimated the concentrate business to be worth several billion dollars alone. This story by the washington post estimates that by 2020 the. cannabis business will be a larger market than the NFL Then a paypal founder invested millions into a medical marijuana holding company. Colorado reported 67 million in taxes and fees from medical and recreational marijuana. In a state with 6 million people, compared to California at 38 million residents. Also, Colorado saw a savings of about 145 million dollars by not arresting and incarcerating pot offenders. The good news just keeps on coming. Even Obama made a statement on a YouTube interview last week in regarding medical marijuana and federal ambiguity. The times they are a-changin’

Written by Start Your Collective