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99 plants. You hear that number or phrase often in California. The reason you hear it often is because of Mandatory Minimum federal sentencing guidelines (and yes they do apply in California).  100 plants…

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(1)  Type 1—Cultivation; Specialty outdoor; Small.

(2)  Type 1A—Cultivation; Specialty indoor; Small.

(3)  Type 1B—Cultivation; Specialty mixed-light; Small.

(4)  Type 1C—Cultivation; Specialty cottage; Small.

(5)  Type 2—Cultivation; Outdoor; Small.

(6)  Type 2A—Cultivation; Indoor; Small.

(7)  Type 2B—Cultivation; Mixed-light; Small.

(8)  Type 3—Cultivation; Outdoor; Medium.

(9)  Type 3A—Cultivation; Indoor; Medium.

(10)  Type 3B—Cultivation; Mixed-light;…

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We all have defense mechanisms set up internally  to help protect ourselves from scary things. I do it too, you’re not alone on this denial thing. Some systems, like adrenaline are actually useful to us,…

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the new marijuana laws width=

Governor Jerry Brown’s Administration has proposed revisions to the standing marijuana laws in California
and many law and policy makers, as well as police…

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Things are changing in the state of California. Proposition 64, or AUMA licensing applications are set to be available from the state on January 1, 2018…

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the MRCSA abd the AUMA width=

The Medical Cannabis Regulation & Safety Act, or MCRSA, as it is more commonly known, was enacted in 2015. It was comprised…

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In the latest edition of The State of Legal Marijuana Markets 5th Edition, written by The ArcView Group, North America’s legal marijuana industry is projected to display a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of…

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Wow, there has been a seemingly unstoppable wave of news for California medical marijuana patients and providers in the last 90 days First, the feds investigations are defunded for 22 medical marijuana states. Next…

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Start Your Collective is going to the Cannabis Cup on Feb 7-8 in San Bernardino!! We will not have a booth but will be there both days enjoying all of the activities….

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